Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spiritual Boot Camp

What up guys!!! This past week has been insane! Its been like a spiritual boot camp! So I guess I'll start out from the beginning. So after I got here, I was assigned to my first comp, Elder Dastrup! He is a country boy from Glenwood Utah who loves to fish and hunt....a lot! He is a stud of a companion and has a great testimony. All we have really been doing is eating, drinking, and sleeping the gospel! We go to class for 3 1/2 hours, eat some ooookay food, go to class for another 3 hours, have an hour of gym, do role plays, and have devotionals haha! It sounds kinda like I'm complaining, but I'm not! I love it here. I have learned some much. The first and main thing they teach us here is our purpose as missionaries, and that is to forget ourselves and invite others to come unto Christ. When I say forget ourselves, I mean literally nothing is about us anymore and it's about loving others, knowing the doctrine, and using that doctrine as resource so that our investigators might receive revelation and come unto to Christ, even in the simplest of ways. We began with a "practice" investigator (our teacher), which for me it was kinda hard to act sincere. But now me and Elder Dastrup met Lisa, an investigator that just moved here from Nevada who is wondering what we believe and why we believe it. Her son was baptized so that's why she is so curious, but she also has three other sons that are basically anti and are feeding her anti information. Our first meeting with her couldn't have gone better I don't think. I tend to talk a lot, but I know it had to have been the spirit because by the end of the meeting me, Elder Dastrup, and Lisa were crying haha. I know she felt the spirit and we gave her a challenge to pray about what we have told her and that she would receive an answer. She was totally interested in us coming back and invited us to come tonight. Sorry guys, nothing really crazy has happened! Its basically been all about the gospel. We have been playing some ball during gym time which has been a great mental break and released a lot of energy from being all cooped up in the classroom. Oh Ya! I was called as senior companion and got really sick for like a night, but now I'm better! :) I'm glad all is well at home and y'all are havin some fun! Sorry everything I basically said is just random bits of things, cause there is so much that has happened, but this week has FLOWN by and before I know it I'll be out in the field. One thing about missionary work (at least the MTC) is that it is VERY exhausting, but even being a week out here, you learn your purpose and to trust in the Lord... and have fun while workin. Love you all. Can't wait to write you next cause it will be in the field!!!!!

PS: Sorry they give us basically no time to write or I would address all of you guys, just know I'm safe, and love ya!

Elder Andrew