Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 2

Yo! This week has been awesome!! We walk soooo much! I already basically have holes in my shoes and some pretty nearly blisters! We spend a TON of time knocking on doors. We have the biggest walking area in the mission, plus it has a ton of hills, so by the end of the day we are just done haha!

My companion Elder Clanton is a stud! I've been teaching him how to do a backflip and how to play the guitar, in return he is going to teach me how to unicycle haha!

The work is awesome tho! Even tho it's only been a week, I've already been cussed out, spit on, told I'm wrong or what I'm supposed to believe, knocked on a million doors, it's definitely been an adventure!

Yesterday our work payed off and we picked up three new potential progressing investigators! One of them is like forty and is in a rehabilitation center for the next month, but his story is crazy! He sat us down telling us he was curious about what we believe and had some other questions. Then he told the story. Basically, he got in this motorcycle accident and fell off a cliff...he remembers hovering over his body and looking at the scenery and his bike that was up on the road as well as himself down below at the bottom of a cliff. He could see himself laying on a rock by some water (an out of body experience!). And then all of a sudden he was sucked back into his body, and felt incredible pain laying face down on the rock. Me and Clanton's jaw was dropped as he told us this story. I guess he was in a an area where it gets extremely cold in the night time. Every bone in his body was broken and he told us he was unable to move. He had a pack of cigarettes he was using to keep his body warm through the night and the next day. At the end of the next day he came to his last cigarette and basically just said a prayer (never really having much experience in prayer) relying upon God to work things out. No more than ten minutes later, someone looked over the cliff and found him and called 911. So that story was humbling experience and spark for any questions he might have had to provide an explanation for what happened! The spirit was definitely there as we taught and talked and we have a re visit tomorrow so we will see how it goes!

I'm glad everyone is doing good and having fun!

Start preparing now, cause this really is hard work and it takes a lot of faith for a lot of the stuff we do!

You guys are in my prayers always and I miss you all a ton!

Much love, Elder Andrew;)

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