Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Hellooooo! Fam and friends how are ya! This week has been a quick one!
Been a little under the weather, but as was everyone...seasons
greetings! We had some really cool stuff happen this week!

We have been meeting with a less active member of the church and saw her a
couple days ago. We went into her home and a new person was there! Told us she was the daughter of this member and had been listening in on our previous visits! She said she felt the spirit strongly and wants to be baptized!! This is the same family who has a grandmother
who wants to be re baptized...!! Seriously the coolest thing ever! So now we are teaching the whole family and they are super receptive to the spirit.

There are some funny things that go on in the city of Portland. Stories for another time, but it's been fun.

Lately a lot of our efforts with the ward has been trying to focus on the temple and regular attendance of the temple...I think most times, we don't necessarily grasp the importance and magnitude of this holy place and what really goes on. Put aside the fact that we receive
incomprehensible blessings for making and keeping promises, this is the literal home on earth of the Lord. If we really wanted to get as close as we could to walking where Jesus walked, this would be the place to do it! I wish so bad we were able to go more often as missionaries. There is a quote that puts it simply. 

"Maintaining our spiritual strength is....a daily challenge.....the greatest source of
that spiritual strength comes....from our temples".-James E. Faust.

I remember back home attempting to visit the temple on a more regular
basis prior to my mission. I could, hands down, recognize a difference in myself, in multiple aspects, when I chose to attend the temple that week. There is an undeniable spirit that dwells there. For me: grab the fam and make a goal to go with each other once a month. For those
who can't quiet go inside or are unable, just go to the visitors center or walk around the grounds...then see within a month what difference it makes. "That whatsoever he shall bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven" I love you guys, and I'm looking forward to the eternities with you all!! Let's do the simple things so we can have a BALL in the next life.

Elder Andrew

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