Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 21, 2015

First Week of Second Transers

This past week was different, transfers came and I got my new trainee. My new companion is cool...he's a character! His name is Elder Burciaga, he's from Arizona. I don't think he's too used to walking...the first day of work for him opened his eyes I think. I think I have been killing him as far as work haha. One thing I've have learned is he snores CRAZY loud haha...and he falls asleep at the flip of a switch. Yesterday in church he fell asleep like ten times and started snoring super loud and I had to keep nudging him! But he has a big heart and really strong testimony. He was sealed to his family a month before he came out as well as baptize his step dad, so I thought that was pretty cool. He has kinda grown up living kind of a rough life from the sounds of things, but he has pulled through and seen that light at the end of the tunnel.

I miss my boys Clanton and Stephens, but it's still fun in the apartment. We have been workin hard and picked up another few investigators. Our progressings cancelled appointments on us last week so I was bummed about that, but we are doing our best to keep them around. Our goal is to get three people on date within the next couple weeks that we didn't already have on date. It's gonna take some faith for sure. Alma 32 is an awesome chapter that talks a lot of faith and compares faith to a seed, that if we nourish it, it will grow. In D&C 18:19 it sais "And if you have not faith, hope, and charity, you can do nothing". Everything requires faith whether it consists of our religious outlook, or just day to day things. Once we exercise our faith in something(nourish the seed), we begin to have a perfect knowledge of that thing. Missionary work definitely takes a lot of faith. At home you guys can exercise your faith by the simple day to day things (prayer, reading from BOM, church), but I'd challenge you all to go out of your way and talk to others who might be interested in hearing a message we as Mormons have to share, but doing so your faith will grow.

Love you all guys! By the sounds of things, it sounds like everything's going alright! Don't be afraid to let me know if crap goes down at home!! Haha

Elder Andrew

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