Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

This week was fast!

We have been getting suuper busy! There is a new set of missionaries coming in and we won't have enough trainers to train all of they are picking three of the 32 elders last
transfered to train someone after only being trained for 6 weeks....and
the AP's and Zone Leaders are saying I'm one of the I'm kinda nervous. I'm kinda not even close to done with my own training technically, but I guess they think I'm ready.

Transfers is this next week. I think my companion Elder Clanton will be moving to a different area, but you never know I guess. President Taylor receives revelation and it's NEVER foreseeable. 

This week has been cool though, we ran into Damien Lillard's home....gave his brother and friend a Book of Mormon, and they want us to come back. Damien will be there next time we are there!! We were stoked on that! We were tracting and ran into a lady that had leperacy....! She looked extremely rough, it was pretty sad. We have been getting quite successful though as far as the work. This area was at a stand still, now we have around ten investigators,three of which are progressing, and one on date. It's definitely a pretty rough area to tract cause we are in a very wealthy area, so people aren't really in a humbling stage in life where they really need anything else, they think they are content where they are, which is understandable.

We had the zone leaders stay at our apartment like four nights this weeks cause they were temporarily kicked out of there apartment. We had some

Glad things are running smoothly at home and everybody is happy.

Love you guys.

Elder Andrew

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