Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Two weeks until my second transfer!

Time is flying by and training is going well!

It's been a very wet week! Both my shoes have huge holes on the bottom from walking so much. That definitely increased the fun walking out in the rain with no-sole shoes!

This week has also been a week of bashers coming up to us and wanting to "talk". I'm pretty headstrong I found out, and it is easy for me to get into (not forgetting to testify) it because I know a couple things now haha...not worth it anyways though, we rarely get anything out of them. One of the bashers was a lady that had a TON of armpit hair (she was wearing a tank top) and she gave my companion a huge hug after haha!! I took a big step back cause I didn't want the same for me. The same day we had people throwing crap out of the car at us and that night we got soaked cause someone drove by and threw their drink at us. I was laughing really hard and my comp almost started crying.

We have been visiting a less active once a week that was a truck driver. He always tells us how much of a thug he was back in the day. We get a pretty good laugh out of visiting with him.

As far as the work, we are still working with several investigators on their baptisms within the next month. I kind
of hope I'm not transferred so I can see them be baptized!! We found a lady who was interested and brought us in with her WHOLE family. She thought her husband was gonna prove us wrong or bash with us. It ended up being an extremely spiritual experience and we gave everyone Books of Mormon and they all committed to reading and praying if it is true, and being baptized if they feel it's true!

The relationships with the people in this area are getting very strong. I am developing friendships that I would have never seen coming. Loving the people
gets you twice as far in the work..thanks for the advice pops!

This Sunday I bore my testimony on charity and Christlike love, and next
Sunday they are making me sing a solo in sacrament meeting ... it's gonna be hilarious. Oh well, if I screw up, at least people can get a good laugh out of it! I love you guys!

Elder Andrew

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