Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015

This week has been an interesting week. For some reason, all the missionaries from other faiths have been coming up to us and wanting to "bible study". We talked to some Jehovah Witnesses the other day for a while...they like to talk...a lot and almost try to get the conversation heated. Good thing I wasn't feeling overly headstrong that day, or I would have got kind of into it!

Our investigators for the most part are progressing. We had to move one of their baptismal dates to a little later date cause she still hasn't made it to church twice...so that's kind of frustrating. I hope I stay here for another transfer so I can see a couple of our investigators baptized.

Transfers are next week and we should be getting transfer letters this Friday!

I have been sharing my favorite scripture after meals with families for a brief message. In Ether 12:27, it talks about humbling ourselves and admitting our weaknesses. Once we do this, our weaknesses will be made strengths through the Lord.

Nothing out of the ordinary other than that this week. Another week of miracles everyday this week. Thank you for all all the support and prayers in my behalf! I love you guys, and I love serving the Lord!

Elder Andrew

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