Monday, November 30, 2015

November 29, 2015

This week has been a great week!

Thanksgiving, for starter, was awesome! We ate at a couple members' homes and an investigator's home that night. I just about died for how much we ate! We definitley have a solid ward!

Earlier in the week, we met some interesting people. I met a couple people that told me they would make me rich if I moved out with them or became their friend. haha. One of them loved the beach, I respected that ;). We were tracting in an area where bishop felt we should spend our proselyting time when we felt we should visit a member in the ward. This member happened to have someone at her house that was very interested in the church. We taught him the fist discussion and invited him to be baptised. He said he felt something he could not deny and accepted the invitation! We were super say the least! Later we tried by a less active member that hadn't answered the door in a number of years...he just let us right in with his family...we taught the restoration and got to know them, and they want us back for dinner and another lesson next week! WHAT THE HECK! The end of the week ended on a super high note! We had a couple less active members and 5 of our investigators come to church!! Elder Burciaga and I were as happy as any missionary could be!

I'm not gonna lie, I miss you guys at home. This season brings back some good memories with the family and friends! Hope the holidays have been good for all of you!

Recently, I read a talk by the title of "What Lack I Yet" given in this last general conference session. It lead me to think of the things that I could do better to progress as a missionary, and as a person in general. Because of my wants pertaining to spiritual lprogression, I decided to take it up to the Lord for detailed, inspired guidance, and have been trying to show my faith throughout these past couple days to have the spirit shed some light on the subject. I like this quote in the talk: "THe Holy Ghost Really does give customized counsel. He is a completely honest companion and will tell us things that no one elese knows or has the courage to say." The Holy Ghost gives us those thoughts or those feelings that allow us to progress and be better. Our Father in Heaven loves us and wants us to progress! This scripture isn't meant to belittle us, but through charity and humility, God has said this is attainable: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." When I am doing something as good as I possibly think it can be done, the reality of it is: I'm not perfect, nor are any of us and the spirit can tell us in personal detail how we can improve and come closer to our Savior.

My invitation to all this week is to ask yourself and God what or how you can do better (in anything, not just spiritually)...or in better words "what lack I yet." Allow yourself to have some spritual guidance. And I will do the same. Love you guys. Happy Holidays ;)!

Elder Andrew

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