Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Hey hey hey! I dont know if any of you are aware, but before the end of this next transfer, I will be hitting my six month mark! It is ridiculous how fast time flies out here. It feels like I was in the MTC yesterday. Anyways, this week has been a handful. I got word on transfers! I am being moved to the Gresham stake! Its right on the outskirts of downtown Portland across the river from where I have been serving. I will be serving as co-senior companion with Elder Thomas (came out with me). I kinda remember who he is, he seems like a really humble hard working kid, so I am extremely excited. I also heard this is one of the areas where elders gain some crazy stories, so within the next couple weeks, my emails could possibly get a little more colorful;). The fruits of our labors are finally starting to come about. We have 5 progressing investigators who are all on date for within this next month or so. I am kinda bummed to leave my companion and all of this right when it seems we are to reap the rewards of our efforts. I  guess the Lord wants me somewhere else. Elder burciaga is staying and serving with someone that came out with him and just got done being trained as well! He will do awesome! This month we get to go to the temple, I'm not sure what day though. That will be an awesome Christmas present! The  3 other elders in my apartment and me talk about Christmas quiet a bit. I told them i was gonna (if i was gonna be there) wake up christmas morning and pretend to be dad. Check to see if santa came and turn on some christmas music. hahaha, they werent gonna be allowed out of their room till I checked. (I'm gonna miss that haha) just kidding. We were planning on waking up and making a pretty good breakfast, giving each other some nick nacks possibly, than call home! I think its gonna be an awesome day! I can honestly say I have gained a strong love for my companion and the people which I serve. This charity that God has allowed me to better established has helped me magnify my calling as a representative of Christ. As the scriptures say, charity never faileth. Scripture for this week...1 Corinthians 13.
LOVE YOU ALL, happy holidays.

Elder Andrew

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